Remote Monitoring

Managed Services

CPSI offers a range of remote monitoring services, designed to alert you to issues before they become serious problems.


The Generex BACS Battery Monitoring and Conditioning System monitors battery performance daily, alerting you to UPS, breaker or cabling errors, including early warning of impending failure.

The Toshiba RemotEye ll® controls and monitors Toshiba UPS equipment. When an outage occurs, notification is sent (via SNMP or HTTP/web browser) to network administrators or maintenance personnel. In prolonged outages, the system initiates an orderly server shutdown to minimize the risk of data loss.

Mitsubishi DiamondLink is a Web-based, user-customizable power monitoring, management and shutdown software that monitors the health and status of your UPS. When critical events occur, it performs a graceful, unattended shutdown.

Eaton Powerware's PowerVision® software proactively monitors the health and performance of UPS, power distribution, and environmental systems across the enterprise, enhancing the reliability of your entire power protection infrastructure.

The Cyberex® Branch Circuit Management (BCM) system provides accurate load management information, alerting you to potential problems. User configurable set points let you know when each
circuit is approaching a load threshold, so your staff can perform the required service to maintain critical operation.

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