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CPSI is your trusted source for Uninterruptible Power Supplies and associated critical power equipment and services. We design, install, maintain and service critical power systems utilizing equipment from the industry’s finest manufacturers.


Whether you need support designing from the ground up, or an emergency replacement due to unexpected failure, CPSI is here to help — with fast, cost-effective deployment.

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CPSI is the largest U.S. representative of Mitsubishi UPS systems, selling and servicing the entire line, ranging from 6 kVA to 12 kVA in single-phase models and from 10 kVA to 2 MW in three-phase models.
SolarEdge modular UPS systems are scalable and allow flexible built-in and parallel redundancy schemes (N+1, N+N, 2N, 2[N+1]) to best fit our customers’ changing power needs. The modules are hot swappable and lightweight enabling easy replacement by a single technician for a minimum time to repair (MTTR). Our UPS systems are designed with a high-power density, freeing up precious floor space for your servers and applications.
Single phase and three phase UPS from 400 VA to 6.4 MVA, for applications ranging from home offices to large industrial plants to data centres.
CPSI sells and services Xtreme Power UPS and power distribution products. These range from 250VA to 10kVA single phase and have products that can be scalable in parallel 10kVA modules for larger sizes. They also manufacture 3 phase scalable UPS systems. Most Xtreme Power Systems come with a 3 year warranty.

MYERS Emergency Power Systems

Myers EPS has the widest selection of Inverters in the industry. With multiple system designs, featuring input voltage ratings from 120vac – 480vac and power ratings from 25VA – 50kVA, our Inverters provide you flexibility to meet nearly any application and footprint requirement without sacrificing efficiency and reliability. Most Myers EPS Inverters operate at 98% efficiency and allow for use of any type of lighting fixtures for emergency egress.

C&D manufactures both Flooded and Valve Regulated batteries for a wide range of UPS ratings and various installation requirements. CPSI also carries C&D battery accessories and systems including racks, spill containment, and safety equipment solutions that meet the most rigorous specifications.

Using the latest wafer-thin plate technology for optimum high-rate performance, CSB has created the next-generation solution for high-rate uninterruptible power. Virtually maintenance free, CSB batteries can be installed in any direction and recharged repeatedly. These batteries promise long life, reduced gassing, low self-discharge rates and high reliability with remarkable energy output.

An industry leader in premium AGM Valve-Regulated designs, East Penn offers a complete line of batteries that are engineered and tested to deliver backup power specifically for critical UPS applications. CPSI offers East Penn products to meet your specific installation needs, and deliver the lowest total cost of ownership.


Offers a reliable range of both flooded and sealed batteries specifically designed for the high power requirements of the most demanding UPS systems, from workstations to central data processing centers. With the industry's widest range of sizes, there's an EnerSys battery ideally suited to satisfy your specific demands.

Established in Hangzhou, China in 1994, Narada is one of the leading battery manufacturers and global battery suppliers for communication backup, motive power, and renewable energy storage, as well as system integration. CPSI offers Narada’s highly reliable VRLA batteries, Lithium-ion cells and batteries, and related components and subsystems.

NorthStar batteries are designed for long life, which means fewer replacements and reduced operating costs of 20% or more. Using AGM thin plate pure lead technology for greater surface area, their high rate batteries deliver more watts per cell. All with a shelf life of up to 24 months! The higher temperature capabilities also allow data centers to increase operating temperatures and reduce cooling costs by more than 40%.

The Generex Battery Monitoring and Conditioning System (BACS) is the only system that monitors batteries and actually extends their service life. This patented system provides individual monitoring of voltage, temperature, and equalizing for up to 300 Batteries to prevent unnoticed or unexpected battery failures and ensure reliability.


The scalable GridVis® network analysis software enables realization of the three applications of energy management, power quality monitoring and residual current detection.

GridVis® identifies energy saving potentials, analyzes parameters and helps to optimize the utilization of operating equipment as well as to detect production downtimes at an early stage. This makes the scalable, user-friendly software perfectly suited for developing standards-compliant energy, RCM and power quality monitoring systems.

Vycon's VDC and VDC-XE Direct Connect UPS backup systems bring unprecedented capacity for instantaneous, reliable backup power. Utilizing clean energy storage from patented flywheel technology, they provide a greener, more reliable alternative to Hazardous lead acid based batteries, and are compatible with most major brands of three-phase UPS systems.

The industry's only modular air conditioning unit, CoolCubes are highly portable and can be adapted to fit almost any application. Using the appropriate accessory kit, the small but powerful CoolCube spot cooler can be mounted in a standard 19-inch rack, mounted on a shelf, or hung from a drop ceiling. Multiple CoolCube modules can be stacked for added capacity or redundancy.

Protect your electronics during high temperature crisis situations with the Xtreme Cooling (XC). It offers primary, backup, and night/weekend cooling for rooms filled with heat-generating networks, computers, communications and office equipment. XC portable cooling delivers cost-effective spot cooling right where you need it, and installs in mintues: Just plug it in and turn it on.

OceanAire Air Boss
OceanAire manufactures compact, quiet and technologically advanced high efficiency units for powerful cooling. Built with high-efficiency rotary or scroll compressors and an electronic thermostat, the Air Boss cools to 60° F, and automatically restarts after any loss of power. This American-made product is available in 460/3 and 575/3, and comes with a five-year compressor warranty.

Elliptical Mobile Solutions
Built at the rack level with onboard cooling, security and fire suppression, these data centers replicate the functions of a traditional data center without the costly infrastructure, raised floors, big iron and massive air conditioning units. The vendor-neutral enclosures feature industry standard 19" racks can accommodate even the most advanced equipment, including powerful blade or racked servers, networking storage (NAS), storage area networks (SANS), wi-fi, wi-max, 4G wireless and satellite (SATCOM).

CPSI recommends protecting your expensive gear with inexpensive Transient Voltage Surge Suppression from Joslyn. Joslyn offers more than 1,300 standard surge protection products in its top-of-class AC line; and CPSI carries units for full facility installation, equipment-level protection, as well as custom-tailored solutions for OEMs.

Custom Systems
CPSI offers custom turnkey spill containment systems that are compliant with battery facility codes and regulations.

The patented, UL-listed EnviroGuard Containment System is specifically designed for the containment, neutralization and proper disposal of battery acid. Featuring a durable modular design, EnviroGuard is the only system approved by the Underwriter's Laboratory and meets the exacting earthquake requirements of NEBS (Network Equipment-Building Systems).


E+I Engineering’s PDU has been designed to offer increased power within a smaller footprint. The innovative PDU system integrates revenue grade monitoring controls as standard to provide liver accurate system information. The PDU design is engineered with the safety of the installer and operator as paramount.

Available with a choice of dry wound, air cooled, copper or aluminum transformers from 75kVA to 750Kva. Input voltage: 600 & 480 @ 60Hz, 3 phase 3 wire plus ground. Output voltage: 4208 – 120, 415 – 230 @ 60Hz, 3 phase 4 wire plus ground. Dimensions of the PDU will vary according to the kVA rating of the transformer. Cables are accessed from the front of the units for ease of maintenance.

LayerZero Power Systems designs and manufactures Web-Enabled Power Distribution Units (ePODs), which provide uninterrupted three-phase electrical power and circuit breaker protection in mission-critical power distribution systems. In a typical data center installation, a cabinet PDU will feed electrical power to Power Panels in an effort to obtain a more comprehensive view of the power quality. ePODs can be either standalone cabinets or integrated with Static Transfer Switches and UPS Systems for applications that utilize redundant power.
LayerZero ePODs are cabinet PDUs containing Static Transfer Switches with optional transformers and power distribution. Distribution systems with switches (eSTS) are referred to as ePODs and utilize either the 1200 A or 400 A SafePanel™ Panel Board. In data center applications, ePODs Power Distribution Units typically install into Power Panels (ePODs), providing Selective Trip Coordination and Circuit Protection to mission-critical loads. The basic components of a PDU are main breaker(s), panel boards, guided wireways, a control panel, and a web-server.

MTU Onsite Energy is one of the leading worldwide suppliers of decentralized energy systems that run on natural gas, biogas or other special gases. MTU gas generator sets cover a power range up to 2500 kWe; while their high-efficiency, low emissions diesel generators cover 27 to 3250 kWe (30 to 3400 kVA) of power potential.

Cummins gives you the convenience of finding generator sets based on real-world applications and specs, including fuel type, power rating and application. Available with optional exhaust after treatment, CPSI offers Cummins generators in a range of sizes suitable for standby/emergency power, continuous or prime power applications.

Generac Industrial Power is one of North America’s largest and most innovative suppliers of power generation equipment. Generac designs and manufacture diesel, natural gas, and bi-fuel generators that can work alone or be paralleled to provide you with Genset Solutions.

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