Battery Service & Recycle


As the most essential component of your UPS system, batteries require regular maintenance and replacement to maximize your system performance and minimize costly downtime.


With a CPSI Preventive Maintenance Program, our technicians conduct a thorough analysis of the health and reliability of your battery plant, documenting a 9 Point Parameter checklist with each visit to ensure battery health and function. We also offer the Generex BACS Battery Monitoring and Conditioning System, which not only provides trending and predictive data, but improves overall life and performance through individual jar level equalization to keep every battery within the manufacturer’s recommended float voltage window.

When batteries have reached the end of life, CPSI manages their removal and recycling. Lead-acid batteries are classified as Hazardous Material by the US Environmental Protection Agency and require proper disposal. VRLA batteries and Flooded Cell batteries are 97% to 99% recyclable. CPSI helps you stay in complete compliance with local, State and Federal regulations by uninstalling and transporting used batteries to an approved facility.

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