Preventive Maintenance


There’s more to CPSI Preventive Maintenance than keeping your UPS systems running smoothly and reliably. Our “conception- to-commissioning and beyond” approach means that the experts who designed, installed and commissioned your critical power system are the same ones who maintain it over its entire lifespan.


Customized to precisely fit your needs and budget, your CPSI
program ensures warranty compliance and post-warranty reliability. The maintenance requirements, operational
parameters and lifespan of each piece of your equipment are
documented and verified at the appropriate intervals. We also
include remote battery monitoring for advance notice of potential failure.

Because CPSI services all makes and models of UPS systems, we can manage all the multiple vendors whose components make up your critical power system. That means a single point of contact, a single point of accountability, and a single company managing every part of your system. All of which save you time and money.

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